324 Residence 3

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324 Residence 3

Forgot about the slab! Here is it, the contractor did a great job, nice smooth clean slab.The two steps bring you up to the first floor elevation. The new door from the exterior will also enter at this elevation.

Framing is underway! The garage is starting to take shape.

And here it is framed. There were some interesting challenges in connecting to the existing house. In order to clear the garage roof we changed the slope of the upper floor bedroom roof. What we didn’t know until demolition was completed was that the house wasn’t framed the way one might expect. The smaller roof that we added on to actually runs across the larger roof and part of the larger roof is overbuilt. We’re not sure why they did it this was but because we had changed the slop of the new piece that meant that the top plate also went up. As a result we could leave the existing top plate to support the main roof and build up from there. Clear as mud? We made a quick 3d model to figure out how that affects the ceiling plane inside.

The red is the existing, the translucent part is the existing rafter tails to be removed. The brown/ grey is the new roof going in. You can see that it sails right over the existing. Worked out great in real life too.

Here is a shot from another angle. The step and the smaller roof really help to bring the scale down .

We’ll post some interior photos once the drywall goes in, it is confusing now since the whole things was stripped to the studs for new electrical and plumbing and you can see through the whole house. Stay tuned.