324 Residence 2

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324 Residence 2

The last post covered some of the variance process, now we can get into the project a little more. Below is the same rendering. The biggest change to the exterior of the house is this addition that is made up of two garage bays with storage and the expansion of an existing bedroom above. We felt it was important to break the mass of the garage down from the street side. Not only does this make it more pedestrian scaled but it also echoes the forms of the existing house. We also redesigned the interior of the existing house in a pretty dramatic way. Nearly all of the interior walls in the front half of the house were removed to create a more open and flexible public space. The kitchen was completely redesigned and expanded to nearly double the size. We’ll post some interior images before and after once the drywall goes up.

The existing house included a carport right off the main street which didn’t meet any of the zoning requirements in addition to being so narrow that it was difficult to get out of the car without hitting the rough stone walls. Besides it was a little far away from the house. Once excavation started we discovered that it used to be much close to the house…

It wasn’t much wider but it was almost 5 feet below grade making for an awkward path of entry into the house. Unfortunately this nice stone wall is right where the outside wall of the new garage would be so it had to be removed before footings were poured.

Once the foots had cured the garage wall was formed and poured. You can see the wall steps back part way down. The site slopes to the front of the garage so at the back corner the floor is below grade. The steps, in addition to the pier in the middle also support the garage slab since it is all over fill rather than undisturbed soil.

Next up is back fill and the framing and it is going to go fast.