2019 Residence – Phase 2

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2019 Residence – Phase 2

Phase 2 begins! (Honestly we’re a little behind on posts for this project so we’re going to catch up quickly) This was a project we finished up the first phase a couple years ago. We loved the way it turned out. We added a bit of space on the first floor but the majority of the work was in the master bedroom on the second floor. This phase concentrates on the first floor and opening it up in a big way as well as adding to the second floor kid’s bedroom.

The exterior work. Extending the existing roof line over the garage to double the size of a small bedroom. This also created a covered porch on the back of the house which will come in handy when we hit the third phase of the project. We also enlarged the existing dormers and added an overhang that matched the other new work.

The largest part of the first floor renovation is the removal of the fireplace and the wall separating the living room from a family room in what was originally the garage before a previous addition.

We’ll have more updates when we get back after the holiday but this should get things started! 

Happy Thanksgiving!