2019 Residence-Phase 2-4

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2019 Residence-Phase 2-4

A glare-filled picture but paint and trim are all done and it looks great. We also added some width and an overhang to the existing dormers to bring them into scale with the rest of the house and replaced the existing siding, windows and trim.

A view of the rear of the house. Trim and siding is wrapped up. Just a little bit left.

A finished shot of the upstairs bedroom. The clients did hand-drawn linework on the walls and picked a fantastic color for the ceiling. The overall effect is great.

A view of the just about finished first floor family room. Thanks to Ian’s hard work they were able to get moved back in before the holidays.

The only thing left is to finish up the media cabinet and bench. The client was able to reduce the cost of the built-in by using some off the shelf cabinets and some custom pieces although that meant that the custom pieces couldn’t be built until the back-ordered pre-made ones were there.

Another great Hurst Construction + RDM Architecture project!