2019 Residence – Phase 2 – 3

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2019 Residence – Phase 2 – 3

Another update over at 2019. Siding and exterior trim is on and we’re just waiting for paint. The interior is as well.

With the fireplace gone the space opened up but now that the walls and floors are continuous it finally seems like one large space. This view is looking toward what will be a built-in entertainment center and bench.

Another view of the new family room, looking toward the new door and window. Currently this leads to a new concrete patio but when the next phase is complete it will lead to a large wrap around deck.

A view of the newly enlarged upstairs bedroom, looking toward the new dormer. The built-in IKEA storage units are in as is the new wood floor. The existing room ended just in front of the closest storage unit.

A view back toward the existing house. The existing closet had jogged in about a foot and was expanded to simplify that wall and give the much larger room a more suitable closet.

This project is pretty much complete but we haven’t had a chance to get over there and take some final pictures with the cold weather and the holidays. Stay tuned, we’ll get some posted as soon as we can.