2019 Residence 3

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2019 Residence 3

Time for another up update! Paint is done and looks fantastic. This project is very close to complete. The sidewalk has been laid out on site and should be going in very soon and then we can get the front yard put back together. In addition the other drive will be demolished and the sidewalk replaced.

This isn’t a great photo but is a very clear description of what was added on the first floor. You can clearly see the line on the floor between the new unfinished wood and the existing. On the first floor we added about 3′ in addition to the little bump out. This gained us the two side windows and added two smaller windows to allow for a headboard.

The really work happened upstairs. Here is a view of the master bedroom. We were able to vault this space but we did have to add the rafter ties for structural reasons. We just wrapped them in gyp. for a clean look.

In addition to the big moves that we made and the front and rear additions we were able to clean up a couple strange existing conditions. Below is one of them. This door leads to the toilet room. On the left is the existing, on the right is the new. Sure this isn’t a dramatic public space but we couldn’t figure out why the previous addition cut off a corner of the room, making it even smaller and creating this weird little corner. We brought this wall out and created a bump out that allows for an existing piece of furniture to sit against the wall. 

This project should be wrapping up this month. We’ll have final pictures as soon as it does. This has been a great project and we’re already looking forward the next phase!