2019 Residence 2

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2019 Residence 2

Siding and trim are up. Looking pretty great. The addition certainly defines the entry and adds a focal point to the house. The trim panel stands out nicely already but once painted the accent color it is going to really pop. 

None of the siding has been painted yet so you can really see the difference between the siding and the metal corners. These metal pieces finish off the corners and replace the historic battons  This leads to a cleaner look and makes each part more 3-dimensional. The central windows, top and bottom, are awning windows for bedroom ventilation, the remainder are casement.

Above is a quick photo-montage of the 2nd floor bedroom. You can see the slop of the existing roof on either side of the main space and get a good idea of where the ceiling wall before. It is a BIG change.

Stay tuned!