1232 Residence Update 9

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1232 Residence Update 9

Went by to check out the final prep for paint. All the trim is in and the cabinets are installed. It looks great even unpainted, I can’t wait to see it painted. Everything will be basically the same color but different degrees of gloss / flat.


This is one of the trick pieces in the project. When both parts are folded away it looks like a normal cabinet but when entertaining it can be folded out to become a counter for the bartender. Pretty cool.


We designed a custom mantel for the new fireplace and here it is complete and ready for paint. With the room open to the kitchen with some pretty complex cabinets and trim work and the beamed ceiling above we designed a simple and elegant mantel to tie the room together.


Another cool piece. Two struts pull out from the counter surface and support a fold down desktop. This is directly adjacent to the bar so that the clients can simply rotate the stool, drop the desktop and be all set. When entertaining the whole thing can be closed up and everything hidden away. This cabinet also contains all the components for the tv that will be mounted above the fireplace because even in a more traditional room they want to have all the modern technological conveniences.


There are several more photos that I’ll add to the Facebook page. Go take a look and let us know what you think.