1232 Residence Update 6

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1232 Residence Update 6

I stopped by this morning to clarify a couple details with the contractor and to see what’s going on. Before we get to the progress, I wanted to share this photo that we didn’t get posted before Halloween. The neighbor decided that the porta-potty needed a little holiday spirit. Fantastic.


Yesterday morning the slate arrived for the new roof. The company they worked with used a computer program to match the existing slate color and pattern. They submitted a color photo of a measured section of the roof and then the program looks at the variation in size and color and shoots out a list of what is needed and it is palletized. Each pallet is divided and sorted by size and color. They have made it as easy as possible for the installer who now can go and get exactly what is needed. Very cool.

Zecy2011.11.02 The tongue and groove ceiling is being installed in the screen porch. Since the roof slope is different on the front and back and the sides there was a little carpentry magic to get the corners to properly align. That piece in the corner is temporary and will be replaced by some slim trim pieces to finish off the edges. It is going to look great.


One more quick view of the finished corner planter area. The new brick and the old are merged seamlessly. 


Now that the weather is starting to turn it is a rush to get the paint and exterior tile wrapped up before the winter arrives. Paint on the areas that will be inaccessible once the slate is up have been painted already and the remainder will be done in the next couple days as will the tile. The inside structural work is almost done then it will start to go back together.