1232 Residence Update 4

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1232 Residence Update 4

Just a quick update today, if you want to see more you can check out the Facebook Gallery here

Below is a before and after shot of the East side of the addition. You can see the metal mesh is in and the metal corners at the pilaster. All the doors and windows are in and trimmed out on the exterior. As of yesterday it seems like fall has started so we are now in a race with the elements to get the stucco final coat on and all the concrete, tile and masonry work done before it gets cold and stays cold. These two pictures show how mush of a difference it makes just getting the first coat of stucco on. This first coat, or scratch coat, is pressed firmly into the mesh and then troweled roughly to give the additional coats a good base to stick to. The existing house has a very heavily textured finish that is very thick in places so that first coat becomes even more important.

Zecy 111017a

In other news, the fireplaces are in, both inside and outside; demolition in the kitchen is started and exterior electrical is all in place. 

More pictures soon.