1232 Residence Update 11

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1232 Residence Update 11

Another RDM kitchen project wrapped up last month. This one very different from the last post below in style but it turned out great and has some pretty cool things going on. The cabinets are traditional in style and finished with a simple off-white paint. We were limited by an existing dining room wall and the stair to the basement so we had to work within the existing shell. We made some changes to get an additional couple feet of counter and cabinet and we worked with the client to make sure that was used as efficiently as possible.

Zecy2012418 3

One of the cool hidden features in this project is the bartender counter at the opening between the family room and the new butler’s pantry.  The client wanted a counter there so we thought either a pass through or dutch door in the beginnning however we didn’t to lose the circulation and there wasn’t room for a dutch door to be open the majority of the time. The solution is a panel and counter that opens and folds up, locking to the panel that pulls from the base cabinets on the opposite side. Pretty neat and it works really well. 

Zecy2012418 1

To gain some counter space we removed a desk area from the space adjacent to the existing (and now the new) refridgerator. We had to find a space for that and for all the componants for the entertainment system. Extending the wall to get some more space for the cabinets at the cooktop created a perfect spot for it.  During fabrication of the cabinets we talked with the cabinetmaker and decided to make this appear to be a piece of furniture. This gave us the most space and it turned out great.

Zecy2012418 5

With the doors to the screen porch open there is a lot of natural light in the room and it makes it seem even larger.

Zecy2012418 6

From the exterior the porch blends perfectly with the existing house. The fan and the infrared heater help to extend the screen porch season even further.

Zecy2012418 4

Zecy2012418 2

The brickwork blends seamlessly with the existing patio and helps to enclose that outdoor room. 

It has been a good project. Thanks to everyone involved.

General Contractor: Hurst Construction
Stucco: DA Masonry
Cabinets: Weaver Cabinetry
Slate Roof: Dan Jones Roofing
Hardwood Floor / Finishing: KLC Hardwoods
Painting: BW Quinn Painting