1232 Residence Update 10

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1232 Residence Update 10

And then there was paint! To say that the paint in this room is subtle would be an understatement. The trim and ceiling is satin and the walls are flat. This slight difference in finish is enough that they appear to be a different color.


We replicated the existing shelves on the right with another set. This simplified this corner and provided some more much needed storage space.


Here is a view of the desk piece and the counters. The cabinets will be a satin finish and just slightly darker than the trim/ walls. We didn’t select the colors in here so we are looking forward to seeing it come together.


Another view of the built-up beams in the ceiling. The panels are actually drywall but have been finished so cleanly that they look like wood. The satin finish reflects quite a bit of the light around the room and this is just a shop light so once the sconces are in this is going to be a bright room.


The countertops are all in now and the backsplash should be in by the time this posts. Both the counter and the backsplash are a soft white and gray marble. There can be problems with this type of material since is is soft and prone to staining. It can either be sealed and resealed every couple years or you can just live with the stains and look at them as a mark of character.


We’ll add these and a few more photos to the Facebook page. The next set of photos should be very close to complete. Great!

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