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Matt Lero

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Matt Lero

I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State in 2006 and became LEED AP in 2008. I’ve been working at RDM Architecture since October 2009 on a wide variety of things from design to rendering to construction documents and have enjoyed it immensely. In addition, I’ve been heavily involved in bringing RDM into the social media realm and keeping our various interweb profiles organized and our new and improved website updated.

About me? I’ve got a lovely wife, a pair of fantastic kids, a lab-pit mix named Alley and a cat called Rico who enjoys biting people. I love to build things and I think making a space that fits that way that my little family lives is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. To that end my wife and I have demolished much of the interior of our house and made it into a wonderful place to be.

Architecture is a big part of my life but I think that balance is important. I consider myself a bit of an outdoors sort of person and enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking about and cycling. Art and photography have been a passion to varying degrees for as long as I can remember.