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Good Press!

You might have seen on our Facebook Page or though Design Week KC that we recently had a house included on the Homes by Architects tour which was fantastic. It was great to be able to take people through and show off one of our favorite and most unique projects. 

That project was also picked to be a featured home in the most recent SPACES issue. We had a great photoshoot with Aaron Leimkuehler and with the Schultes and Jill Rice (Interior Designer) we had a great interview with local writer Charles Ferruzza and we think it all turned out wonderfully. Take a look!

We’ve posted a few photos and plans of this project before but it is hard to really understand the extent of the work that we did without seeing the plans. Luckily we put together some nice looking plans for the open house. Here is the existing.

And here is the new plan with the big changes in the kitchen wing and the little changes throughout the rest of the house.

We’ll be getting some more photos taken shortly but until thing check out our Houzz and Facebook pages for more info.

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